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Smile Gallery


Chris Norton

“About five years ago I had an accident and needed four of my top, front teeth replaced. I had root canals, braces, and crowns done at another office, but I didn’t like my new smile. Years later, when my wife told me about Dr. Grimm and showed me pictures of some of her happy patients, I liked what I saw, and I agreed to let Dr. Grimm give me my new smile. The doctors and the staff were great! They were all friendly and made me feel really comfortable. Once everything was done, I was amazed! My new smile looked better than the one I had in high school. I love the way my teeth look now! Dr. Grimm gave me a smile that I’m not afraid to show off.”



Lynnae Bessler

“Due to having an overbite and very worn bottom teeth, I had become more conscious of the unattractiveness of my smile. When I saw photos and videos of myself, I looked much older due to my teeth. After talking with Dr. Grimm and seeing the work she had done on others in the Smile Gallery, I was convinced to give her a try. Since my smile makeover, I am more inclined to smile openly and more often. I feel more confident. My friends have even said that I looked younger and healthier and that I am now more outgoing. I would be the first to recommend Morton Dental Center! Dr. Grimm and her staff are the greatest!”



Josh Sank

“After years of being a smoker, I had grown self-conscious about my smile. Due to previous experiences, I was scared of the dentist, but Dr. Grimm made me feel comfortable. Since my treatment at Morton Dental Center, I love to smile all the time now. To anyone considering a smile makeover, you should definitely do it. Dr. Grimm makes it easy and pain free. You will not regret it!”



Leah McWhorter

“Two accidents at the age of 12 left me with two broken front teeth. I began wearing crowns, but every decade I would have to have them replaced as my mouth changed and shrank to expose the dental work beneath the crowns and exposed gaps in my teeth. Fortunately, I eventually found Dr. Grimm. When it came time for my routine crown replacement, she asked me if would be interested in improving my smile in a more permanent way, and I was ecstatic with the possibility! Dr. Grimm explained the procedure to me and asked me to choose from photos. How many people get to choose the look of their smile? Since my smile makeover, I can say I smile much more easily, but more importantly, my youthful smile is a healthy smile. If you are thinking about changing your smile for any reason, I highly recommend Dr. Grimm’s professional and artful talent. She is an expert in her craft. I have not had one moment of regret about my decision to recreate my smile. My advice to you would be: “Don’t put off your new smile – put it on, today!”



Deni Durbin

“My teeth were yellowed, cracked, chipped, and becoming transparent. My niece, Cherry, told me about Dr. Grimm, and I had a great experience having my teeth fixed. The staff and office was very professional. Since my treatment, I feel more self-confident. I’m not even afraid of chipping another tooth. Don’t waste your time if you need dental care. Schedule with Dr. Grimm today.”



Elizabeth Siron

“I had been unhappy with my smile ever since junior high school; I had uneven teeth and a snaggle-toothed smile ― just an overall mess! I chose Dr. Grimm to create my new smile because I felt she had great professional qualities and the talent to turn a mess into a beautiful creation. My life has changed since my smile makeover. I have so much more confidence now…in both myself and in my appearance. When my friends saw my new smile, they were literally shocked! Anyone who wants to transform his or her smile, I recommend Dr. Grimm. You won’t be disappointed with the results!”



Joe Schmidgall

“My teeth used to be so crooked that they were actually causing me to have trouble chewing my food. When I saw the pictures on Morton Dental Center’s walls, I knew I wanted a new smile. They were already my dentists, so I knew they had an excellent reputation. Since my makeover, my life has changed thanks to my new, automatic smile. And, I can chew my food much better too!”



Amy Campbell

“I used to have very crowded teeth. When Dr. Grimm showed me pictures of how Invisalign™ had helped other people’s smiles, I decided to go for it. Since my smile makeover, I’m much more confident when smiling. I’ve received so many compliments on how straight my teeth are! I recommend Morton Dental Center if you want a brand new smile. You will feel so much happier, and you will want to smile!”

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